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The Big Screen Just Got Bigger…

Cinio connects cinemas and content owners everywhere. With content, we mean all available content for the big screen: reruns and back catalogue movies, but also pre-recordings and live streams of concerts, festivals, operas, sporting events, product launches, documentaries and much more.

Cinio doesn’t make content, doesn’t own content… Cinio is all about creating experiences.

This brand new service runs through the proven Gofilex E- Delivery network. A trustworthy digital infrastructure, already active in The Netherlands, Belgium,

Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland and soon all over Europe. In short: with Cinio you get features and event cinema finally delivered to your doorstep.

Connected Cinemas in operational territories 95%
Cinio Portal Completed 70%
Reach of Features and Event Cinema content 85%
Next Target Cinemas Connected
Next Target Countries Connected
Next Target (Live) Events Delivered

Connecting cinemas and content owners


CINIO is the independent marketplace for booking and managing a wide variety of digital content, ranging from cinema classics, world cinema and documentaries to live operas, theatre performances and concerts.

With CINIO, cinemas can manage the total package, including promotional materials and delivery. Using the new pull model, cinemas can now think much more flexibly about exactly what they want and when, giving them many more opportunities to supplement

their regular programming. In combination with the Gofilex ODD network Cinio provides a flexible, order-driven flow of content – from initial booking up to delivery in your cinema.

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What we do


With diverse services tailored to cinemas needs, Cinio offers every content owner and all cinemas a one-stop-shop to arrange a screening – efficiently and cost-effectively. By combining the open platform services with Gofilex’ delivery technologies, Cinio will take care of the entire flow of cinema content – in an innovative and secured way.


Cinio will bring parties together and create a central meeting point for offer and demand.


Cinio will inspire everyone with special events, meeting current and future demand


Cinio will expand the market reach for both distributors and cinemas.

Cinio will continue to grow and add more functionalities for both content owners and cinemas. We will inspire and assist content owners in reaching a much greater range of cinemas.


After CineEurope 2015, Cinio will enlarge it’s footprint, Gofilex will keep adding cinemas to it’s Organized Digital Delivery network.


Filling our catalogue with a diverse range of cinema content.


Fine-tuning the Cinio portal based upon the requirements and wishes of connected cinemas.
SEASONS: Opera/Ballet and Theatre

SEASONS: Opera/Ballet and Theatre

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ONE NIGHT ONLY: Single Events

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Single Events

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Cinio’s origin lies at Gofilex, an independent film logistics company based in the Netherlands. Gofilex has long served as the link between distributors and

cinemas, providing specific services, which ensure that films find their way to the silver screen quickly, safely and reliably. The Team of Cinio is highly

experienced and together with the industry knowledge of Gofilex you can be assured to have a dedicated team of professionals to assist you:


Content Owners

Questions or suggestions about sharing content?



 Questions or suggestions about screening content?

Frequently Asked Questions


Register / Sign Up

I would like to join Cinio. How do I register?

Sign up for CINIO here

Will there be any subscription charges?

No, Cinio is an open marketplace and free to use for anyone.


What is Cinio?

The CINIO portal will provide distributors- and cinemas an open but secured digital marketplace to book live events and back catalogue films including digital delivery to your venue.

Who are Cinio’s users?

Content owners (distributors) and exhibitors (cinemas)

How does it work?

CINIO will make life easier for both distributors and cinemas: distributors will use the independent marketplace to reach an international network of cinemas. By adding titles to your personal catalogue, you will share your content with exhibitors. This way, the CINIO portal enables cinemas to book a wide variety of digital content. Once the request has been approved by the distributor, Gofilex will take care of organized digital delivery.

When will the CINIO portal be available?

Soon! Please register here to stay informed on our latest updates.

Booking / Request an event

How do I request an event?

Simply browse the catalogue and click “request” to place your booking. Your request will be send to the distributor for approval. After confirmation the title will appear in your booking-overview and send to Gofilex for delivery.

Is there an overview of my bookings?

Yes. To view and manage your bookings, you will find “bookings” in the menu of your personal profile.

How do I know which (live) events are coming up?

Don’t miss out – please, sign up for our newsletter and check in on from time to time.

Marketing / Promotion Materials

Will there be promotional assets available?

It depends on the feature / event. Most distributors will also give access to assets to promote your event to your audience.

How do I know what promotion materials are available?

To see what promotion materials are available for your title visit the catalogue and click on the title of your choice. There will be an overview of available promotion materials.

Do I need to pay for promotional assets like trailers or posters?

No, these assets are free to use. Only delivery to your Filmvault will be charged if you request a trailer on DCP.


When will the content be delivered to my Filmvault?

Once the booking has been made, Gofilex will take care of digital delivery to your Filmvault.

How long will the content be available on my Filmvault?

Your content will be available on your Filmvault for the contracted/booked period.

When will I be able to test the livestream?

There is always a testfeed available on your Mediabox to test image and sound. In addition distributors will plan official testing moments for your event, which will be communicated to your email.

Is it possible to order an encore without converting to DCP?

Yes, it is possible to playout encore events using the connection between your Filmvault and Mediabox. This way there is no need to convert to DCP first.

I have a question about the Filmvault / Mediabox. Who do I contact?

Please, contact Gofilex: +31 (0)306070880 or


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