ONE NIGHT ONLY: Single Events

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Single Events
ONE NIGHT ONLY: Single Events

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Single Events

Concerts, Red Carpet Events, TV Specials, Exhibitions, Comedy Theatre, Sporting Competitions….

• Nick & Simon (2012, Amsterdam)
• Robbie Williams: Take The Crown (2013)
• One Direction: Where We Are (2014)
• Backstreet Boys (2015)
• André Rieu (‘12/’13/’14/’15)
• Gooische Vrouwen 2 (2014)
• FIFA World Cup: Live (2014)
• Monty Python Live (2014)
• Exhibition on Screen (2014/2015)
• And many more…

There is more to Event Cinema than seasonal opera and theatre-screenings… Turn opening nights into a premium VIP night with footage of actors strolling down the red carpet, broadcast the most important sporting competitions on the big screen or get the best comedy acts in-house. And how about an inside look into the greatest museums of the world or the premiere of popular TV Shows?

Fans who aren’t able to visit the concert of their idol will be able to experience the event with the best image & sound in their local cinema. Since 2011 Gofilex has taken care of numerous live events of world famous artists.
To make it the best next thing to being there, cinema audiences get access to even more extras. Think of exclusive backstage footage, live Q&A’s or the newest album…

These special events already became reality and are just the beginning… What would you like to screen? Cinio will advice and assist on the realization of any special event.

Tip: Check Cinio from time to time for inspiration and updates on the best upcoming events!